Tuesday, May 14, 2013

List of World PTR (Paid To Review) Reliable and Proven Pay

PTR or paid to review is one branch of an online business that almost everyone already knows and try it. But not a few people who fail or do not get the promised benefits in the PTR business. What on earth?
Before you continue here ane ane ane explain that one blogger who is in the business of the PTR. Honestly it is very difficult at the beginning to be successful in business this PTR. What's his problem PTR difficult business? let's responsibility to answer all the above questions, let me save, hehehehehehe
Plenty of people who were involved in the business but not the maximum PTR, because of what? because he was not creative and intelligent. Why?
Because they always talkative .... "talkative (be repeating something often called). Its purpose? They only focus on the areas of the course, his example, at the beginning I only knew my 3 PTR PTR sites only. ie SR, BBR, and BV. And I am talkative with 3 sites alone and there is always spinning round there, so that when a quiet moment on the job to 3 PTR sites are or may suspend his example so I immediately discouraged. This is a problem often faced the PTR players. So after meditation in a new ane google decided to be successful in the PTR should be entered in all ane PTR sites
Therefore in this post I will provide Paid Review Sites List List Trusted and Proven Pay, it's content so you can play without having menunggu2 PTR job of any of the sites or suspension problems etc. .....
For that this time I will share a little information about the list of popular paid a reliable and proven pay ane has been proved. So among the brokers below, we do not need to doubt them because they do not include this class is all a scam.
But before you decide to follow this business, first consider what regulations and requirements in the proposed by each broker. As usual broker we've got a blog requires traffic, at least 1 PR, Alexa rank should be below 1 million, and so on. For more details you can read here.
May already impatient to read it, here is a Paid Review Sites List Trusted and Proven Paying:

    Weblogs, Inc..     PayPerPost
Review Me
Digital Journal
Bloggerwave (suda now be redirected to MillionaireMatch)
Creative Weblogging
451 Press
Dewitts Media
BOTW Media